Episode #120 How You Get There

 How do you make partner when you have Imposter Syndrome? Going for a promotion puts pressure on anyone. The pressure to consistently present yourself in the best light, to…

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Episode #119 Being More Visible

 Do you put yourself forward for speaking events? Seize opportunities to raise your profile (eg by working on high-stakes projects)? Attend in-person work events? Reach out to colleagues or…

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Getting started

Episode #118 Getting Started 

Do you consume all the content and advice about Imposter Syndrome, but then never actually do anything? Do you constantly talk about your Imposter Syndrome to friends, but never talk…

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Episode #117 The Trust Factor 

  Do you wonder why confidence, on the rare occasions you feel it, never lasts? Or why it comes in short bursts or feels fake? That’s because you’re trying to…

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Episode #116 People Believing in You

  Has your boss ever told you they believe in you? That you are capable, that you have great potential, or that you should apply for a promotion or pay…

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luck, imposter syndrome

Episode #115 Creating Your Own Luck

  Thinking your successes are down to luck is a classic sign of Imposter Syndrome. Instead of celebrating in your success and believing in how great you are, your Imposter…

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Episode #114 Enjoy Your Work

When you’re a lawyer with Imposter Syndrome, it’s hard to enjoy your work. You spend so much time feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed, you lose touch…

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Episode #113 Sunday Night Dreads

How do you feel on a Sunday evening? If you frequently feel like you’re dreading the start of the working week, there’s a problem. Getting…

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A origami paper bird

Episode #112 Failure Tolerance

How do you feel about failure? Would you welcome it? Can you accept it and learn from it when it happens? If you suffer from Imposter…

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Runner with a winners medal

Episode #111 Recognition

Many of my clients come to me because they aren’t getting the recognition they deserve and they are feeling undervalued. Recognition – when others show appreciation…

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