Episode #115 Creating Your Own Luck


Thinking your successes are down to luck is a classic sign of Imposter Syndrome.

Instead of celebrating in your success and believing in how great you are, your Imposter Syndrome is triggered and you have thoughts like:

“I shouldn’t be here”

“It’s all down to luck” and

“My luck is going to run out”.

This way of thinking is the reason you are:

– Overworking

– Playing small

– Seeking external validation.

When this happens, trying to tell yourself your success isn’t down to luck seems like the best solution (and it’s what your friends and colleagues will tell you to do). But it never works, and here’s why:    Imposter Syndrome doesn’t care about the truth.

So you can resist all you like. You can tell yourself how hard you worked to get here. But it won’t make any difference. No matter how successful you are, when you have Imposter Syndrome, your success always feels like luck.

This isn’t a problem.

In this episode I explain why, and I give you the simple solution that will:

  • Help you feel responsible for your own success
  • Leave you feeling more in control
  • Build trust in your ability to create success in the future.

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