You want to progress your career but Imposter Syndrome is holding you back

It’s why you’re overworking

Trying to make everything perfect, doing everything yourself,
saying yes to every demand

It’s the reason you’re overthinking

Worrying you don’t know the answer, that you’ll let everyone down
Spinning in indecision and catastrophising about it all going wrong

It’s keeps you playing small

Staying quiet in meetings, avoiding the spotlight,
passing up opportunities you’re more than qualified for.
Working with your head down and hoping it’s enough

It’s the reason you sabotage your success

downplaying your achievements, undermining your progress,
dwelling on past failures and making negative feedback about you

In Imposter Syndrome Coaching I help you change that

All you need to progress

You don’t need to get rid of your Imposter Syndrome in order to progress your career. You need to:

Recognise when it comes up
Lean into how it feels and
Follow it to your goal.

In Imposter Syndrome Coaching for Lawyers I make this simple.

I teach you exactly how to progress (The Progression Process) and I give you the tools to get out of your own way (the Imposter Toolkit).

Follow the Progression Process

In this programme you follow a 6-step process that
will give you better balance, more confidence, more recognition
and make your day to day job of being a lawyer easier and more enjoyable.

1. Choose the right goal
so your progress happens quickly and is sustainable over the long term

2. Take control of your time
so you stop overworking and have more time for what matters

3. Set clear boundaries
so you stop overcommitting and you attract better quality work

4. Build relationships
so you have the support you need when you need it,
you grow your client base and can bring in the work

5. Speak in public
so everyone knows who you are and sees the value you bring

6. Add value
so people know, like and trust you and
will always prefer to work with you

Lean into your Imposter Syndrome with the Imposter Toolkit

You get a set of tools (The Imposter Toolkit) to help you
lean into your Imposter Syndrome as you work through the process:

The Progression Audit
so you can easily pick the right progression goal
for where you are in your career right now

The Imposter Syndrome Index
so you can quickly recognise when
Imposter Syndrome is holding you back

The Imposter Speech
to help you remember who you are
and raise your self concept on demand

The Goldilocks Gauge
to help you stop overworking and overthinking

The B.E.A.R. Strategy 
to get you out of your own head

Bulletproof Boundary Setting
to help you position your ‘no’
in a way that supports your career.

The Coaching Model
to show you your brain and how
your thoughts are creating your results


Features to guarantee your success

We’ve added these additional features to guarantee your success and the best experience on this programme:

Consolidation Months – there is no coaching in December, April and August to allow for the busiest times in your calendar. Your 6 months coaching is in addition to this.

Group Exponential – being coached as a group means you learn by being coached and you understand by hearing others be coached on the same issues, so you progress faster and you don’t have to go it alone.

Session Recordings – for when missing a coaching session is unavoidable, or for when you want to rewatch your own coaching, a password protected library of session recordings will be available so you never miss out.

Slack Community – for chatting to others in the group, receiving announcements, homework assignments (!) and getting support, all in a user-friendly app that keeps your coaching separate from your inbox and social media.

Your Investment: £3600

Client results

Here are some of the results clients are
getting on this programme:

I am learning to lawyer with ease now,
so I am ready for promotion
I’m taking up running again,
more time to exercise
better at prioritising family and friends
I’m in control of my money
I feel so much calmer and in control
I’m always prepared
I’ve been promoted to partner (and I enjoyed the process!)
I say no more often
I’m less dependent on external validation
I’m so much better at public speaking
I enjoy networking again
I’ve found my voice
I’m attracting more clients

You can get results like this too.

Unsure if this is for you? Book a call with me

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