Imposter Syndrome is holding you back

You know you’re capable of more, but you feel like a fraud.

You think your success is down to luck.
You fear that any minute now, you’re going to be exposed.

You tell yourself you worked hard to be here and that your success isn’t down to luck. But none of this works. You keep overworking. You feel anxious. You avoid being visible. You regularly undermine yourself and you are heavily dependent on external validation.

The only way you can progress your career, is to get out of your own way.

Getting out of your own way is easier than you think

The answer is to change how you think about your Imposter Syndrome.

Imposter Syndrome isn’t the problem you think it is. It’s just the puzzle of who you are. You don’t need to fix it to progress your career.

You just need to solve it.
And then follow it to the next level.

Progressing your Law Career when you have Imposter Syndrome

The next class of Imposter Syndrome Coaching is enrolling soon.

NOW is the time to prepare.

Enrolment by application only.
For details on how to apply, join the Waitlist.

In Imposter Syndrome Coaching we’re not in the business of fixing who you are.

There are a lot of people on the internet telling you how to get rid of your Imposter Syndrome. Selling you on the idea that it’s a part of you that is broken and you need to fix it before you can get ahead.

That isn’t true. I don’t want you to join this coaching programme thinking a part of you is broken. We’re not here to buff your edges, smooth your wrinkles or gloss over difficult parts of your past.

Together we go deeper and look further. We build a connection between who you are today and the person who got you here. We use only what is true.

You leave with a self concept, a set of beliefs about yourself, that are more authentic and true
than the ones which are holding you back today.

We keep the process simple

Being a lawyer with Imposter Syndrome is complicated enough. The solution shouldn’t be.

Whether your goal is a promotion, more confidence, to stop overthinking and overworking or to stop playing small, it’s the exact same process. And we keep that process simple.

In Imposter Syndrome Coaching, less is more.

Less trial and error.
Less compare and despair.
Less looking for solutions outside yourself.
Less relying on someone else to tell you how valuable you are or how much potential you have.
Less handing over ownership of your success to your firm.

Getting out of my own way

I am a magic-circle trained ex-City lawyer and I’ve experienced Imposter Syndrome my whole life. So I know exactly what it’s like to be in a competitive environment and feel like a fraud.

I was always getting in my own way:

Playing small.
Always undermining my success.

I tried ‘power posing’, faking it ‘til I made it, telling myself I was good enough. But all these tips just treated the symptoms. I needed something deep enough to get to the root cause of my Imposter Syndrome and get me out of my own way.

Proud to be an Imposter

I found a process so powerful, it made Imposter Syndrome my strength.
Now I’m proud to call myself an Imposter.

I have progressed to a level in my career beyond anything I
had imagined. And I just keep going.

Imposter Syndrome Coaching is the most authentic
and practical way to solve your Imposter Syndrome at
the deepest level and to progress your career at a strategy level.

Enrolment for the next class is opening soon.

Be ready.

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