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Feeling like a fraud, that your success is down to luck and fearing any minute now you’ll be found out are sure signs you have Imposter Syndrome. If this is you, I’m so glad you’re here.

But there’s more to Imposter Syndrome than feeling like a fraud.

There’s a host of secret signs in the way you’re showing up at work that points to Imposter Syndrome holding you back.

Which one of these is you?

The Overworker

  • You’re a perfectionist
  • You often second guess yourself
  • You do it all yourself (telling yourself it’s easier that way)
  • You believe you work best under pressure
  • When there are no fires to fight, you question your value
  • You say yes to every request, knowingly overcommitting yourself

The Overthinker

  • You’re frequently stuck in our own head, feeling anxious and fearful
  • You constantly worry you won’t know the answer,
  • You worry you’ll let everyone down
  • You spin in indecision, waiting for certainty,
  • You regularly catastrophise, your mind always going to the worst case scenario
  • You compare yourself to others, despairing that you come up short

The One Who Plays Small

  • You stay quiet in meetings, even when you have something to add
  • You avoid the spotlight, always deflecting it towards others
  • You pass up opportunities you’re more than qualified for
  • You avoid in-person networking altogether or, if you do show up, you stick with those you already know
  • You attend virtual events, but that camera is always off
  • You work hard with your head down and hope it’s enough

The Self-Saboteur

  • You discount praise and downplay your achievements
  • You don’t acknowledge your progress, you only see how far you still have to go
  • You are haunted by past failures
  • You tell yourself you’re only as good as your last deal
  • You make negative feedback mean something negative about you
  • You keep chasing success after success (but it never feels enough)

A simple solution

None of this is a problem.

Imposter Syndrome is not the villain you think it is.

It’s just your brain’s way of keeping you safe and the solution is simple:

💫 Understand exactly how it shows up for you.
💫 Then solve for how it’s holding you back.
💫 Trust who you are along the way

In ISC for Lawyers you follow a proven process for doing this:  

  1. Stop overworking.  
  2. Stop overthinking.  
  3. Be your own champion.
  4. Increase your visibility. 

This proven process, the skills I teach you as you go and my unique style of coaching all work together to guarantee your success under this programme.

Don’t take it from me. Take it from the results my clients are getting from working with me:

"You've changed my life!" - Client H

“People keep telling me I’m different. I’m more confident. More “me”
“I’ve been promoted to partner (and I actually enjoyed the process!)”
“I’m so good at setting boundaries now, I say no all the time without worrying it will backfire”
“I don’t need external validation the way I used to (although it’s great when I get it)”
“I enjoy networking again”
“I’ve found my voice”
“I’m attracting more clients”
“Things are so much calmer, I feel more in control”
“I’ve taken up running again, I make it a priority”
“I’m more present with my family in the evenings”
“I’m always prepared”

Programme fee: £3600

Why this process works

In ISC for Lawyers you get:

👉🏾 the exact strategy for solving your Imposter Syndrome (however it shows up for you);

👉🏾 the tools I created to guarantee your success; and

👉🏾 the coaching to keep you on track every step of the way.

There’s nothing your Imposter Syndrome can throw at us that we haven’t seen before or don’t have the tools for. It’s one of the unique features of this programme – whatever you’re struggling with, we’ve got you.

Here are the results your £3600 investment gives you access to:

1. Stopping Overworking

  • letting go of perfectionism
  • stop excessive checking
  • asking for help | delegating more
  • taking control of your time
  • setting boundaries

2. Stopping Overthinking

  • getting out of your own head
  • what to do when you don’t have the answer
  • dealing with other people’s high expectations
  • making decisions that move you forward
  • comparing and learning

3. Being your own Champion

  • recognising your wins
  • celebrating progress
  • receiving praise
  • processing past failures
  • learning from negative feedback
  • internalising your success

4. Increasing your Visibility

  • finding your voice
  • speaking in public
  • building your social media presence
  • seizing opportunities (before you feel 100% ready)
  • building relationships
  • adding value

What to expect

Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount you get with this programme.

We don’t tackle everything at once! You are always in charge of what you are working on and how quickly you want to progress. I created this process to meet you exactly where you are now – whatever you have going on, whatever your level of seniority,

Here’s what to expect, from application to completion:

  1. You click on Apply Now on this page, and complete the Application Form
  2. Within 3 business days, we tell you if you’ve been offered a place on the programme
  3. You pay the £3600 programme fee.
  4. Your place on the programme is confirmed on receipt.
  5. You have a 1:1 call with me to agree your Essential Goal for the Programme – this is the goal that you will prioritise throughout the 6 months.
  6. All Coaching happens weekly via Zoom. You receive the dates and Zoom log in details once you have paid the programme fee. The start date is 1 May 2023
  7. We coach every week for 6 months (excluding during April, August and December which are Consolidation months – see below)

Bonus Features to guarantee your success

We’ve added these additional features to guarantee your success and the best experience on this programme:

Consolidation Months – there is no coaching in December, April and August to allow for the busiest times in your calendar. Your 6 months coaching is in addition to this.

Group Exponential – being coached as a group means you learn by being coached and you understand by hearing others be coached on the same issues, so you progress faster and you don’t have to go it alone.

Session Recordings – for when missing a coaching session is unavoidable, or for when you want to rewatch your own coaching, a password protected library of session recordings will be available so you never miss out.

Slack Community – for connecting, receiving announcements, and getting support, all in a user-friendly app that keeps your coaching separate from your inbox and social media.

Unanswered questions? I'm here to answer

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