Imposter Syndrome is holding you back

Your way of working is exhausting and unsustainable, but you keep Overworking.

You’re always anxious and stressed at work, but you can’t stop Overthinking.

You work hard and sacrifice so much, but you’re not getting the recognition you deserve.

No matter how much you’ve achieved in the past, your confidence never grows.


You’re tired of working this way. You want more.

More Recognition

More Balance

More Confidence

More Ease

These are the 4 pillars of career progression every lawyer with Imposter Syndrome deserves.


Including you.

Progress your career with Imposter Syndrome Coaching

Exclusively for lawyers

There’s so much advice on what to do to progress your career. But to the lawyer with Imposter Syndrome this advice can feel daunting and off putting. None of it seems to allow for the way Imposter Syndrome drives you to Overwork, Overthink, Play Small and Self-sabotage.

Imposter Syndrome Coaching is different.

It’s a coaching programme designed exclusively for lawyers with Imposter Syndrome. We focus on a 4-step solution that will get you taking action to get out of your own way quickly so you can progress in as little as 6 months.

  1. Stop overworking
  2. Stop overthinking
  3. Internalise your success
  4. Externalise your value

Everything you need to succeed

Process, tools, skills and accountability

With most career progression programmes Imposter Syndrome gets a cursory mention. In Imposter Syndrome Coaching, it’s the opposite. I started with Imposter Syndrome and I built the programme around it. Why? Because knowing WHAT to do to progress your career is the easy bit. DOING it when you feel like a fraud and you’re afraid of being found out – that’s the hard bit.

Anyone can give you a list of steps. In Imposter Syndrome Coaching I give you everything you need to succeed.

I give you a proven PROCESS.

I teach you the essential SKILLS.

I give you a unique set of TOOLS.

I hold you ACCOUNTABLE to your progression goal.

And I COACH you through everything that gets in your way.

The unique tools designed to guarantee your success

When you join Imposter Syndrome Coaching you get a life-changing set of tools to ensure your success:

The Imposter Speech

to help you discover your value, believe in your value and show up as your authentic self.  

The Progression Formula

for calculating your progression prospects, and measuring your progress at every stage so you know exactly what is working, what isn’t and where you need to direct your focus

Imposter Syndrome Route Mapping

for creating your personalised progression road map so you always know what to do next and can track your progress towards your goal

Bulletproof Boundary Setting

to help you set boundaries that others will stick to

The Goldilocks Gauge

so tasks take you the right amount of time instead of too little or too much time to complete.

The Fuss-free Fear Management System

so you can process fear and anxiety without them holding you hostage

The Blink-of-an-eye Attention Redirection Strategy

for getting out of your own head and focusing on what’s in front of you.

You are your best investment

If you’re used to getting your training and professional development for free, you may be asking yourself why you’d bother paying for a coaching programme.

I used to think that. When I was a finance lawyer at global giant Allen & Overy I would go to all the free trainings. I’d make notes. I’d be inspired to put all the advice into practise.

And then I’d go back to my desk and my life would carry on exactly the same.

I wish I’d known then what I know now:

How motivating it is to have “skin in the game” – the financial commitment that cuts through all your excuses and motivates you do the thing you know you need to do.

How freeing it is to do a career development programme where I could be my true self – honest not just about my career goals but about the fears and struggles that were holding me back.

How investing in your own career is what gives you control of your career.

What You Pay

Imposter Syndrome Coaching costs £3600 (incl. vat)
You pay 8 monthly instalments of £400.

What You Get

6 months weekly group coaching with Imposter Syndrome expert Caroline Flanagan (20 sessions total)
The ISC 4 Step Process
The ISC Tools:
The Imposter Speech
The Progression Formula
Imposter Syndrome Route Mapping
Bulletproof Boundary Setting
The Goldilocks Gauge
The Fuss-Free Fear Management System
The Blink-of-an-eye Attention Redirection Strategy

The cost of NOT joining Imposter Syndrome Coaching

If you’ve never invested in your own development before, this may sound a lot.

And you’re right. It is alot.

But let’s talk about the cost of NOT joining:

Not making it home for your child’s bedtime, again.
Cancelling dinner with friends so many times, you stop being invited.
Another week of not going to the gym.
Another night of not enough sleep.
Another ruined holiday.
A growing distance between you and your partner because you’re never fully present.
The depressing feeling that all you do is work and the longing for better balance.
Continuing to work inefficiently so things never change.
The risk of burnout
The risk to your mental health
Watching your more visible peers get promoted ahead of you
Seeing more confident junior lawyers attracting the best opportunities

Imposter Syndrome Coaching will cost you alot.
But NOT progressing your career could cost you more.

Progress further, faster, with less effort and more fun

In Imposter Syndrome Coaching one of the ways we support you to succeed is through Group Exponential: you enrol as part of a small class of lawyers all with Imposter Syndrome all with the dream of progressing their career. 

Group Exponential means that the value you get from Imposter Syndrome Coaching is exponentially greater than the value you would receive from Coaching 1 to 1. In other words, you get further, faster, with less effort and more fun.

Here’s why: 

You’re not alone

It means something to belong. To be part of a group of lawyers who have all struggled with Imposter Syndrome is empowering. You feel supported, recognised and understood in a way you rarely feel when you’re on the job. It’s also more fun. 

It brings you out of hiding

Your instinct is to play small so you avoid being exposed. In Imposter Syndrome Coaching, one of the things you learn is how to be more visible. Practising this with a group of lawyers who are battling the same instinct is the safest place to start. 

360 Coaching

In Imposter Syndrome Coaching you get 360 Coaching. You learn from being coached directly. You understand from hearing others being coached. Every action you take to implement is supported by the group. 


Every action taken towards your goal is a win. When one person in the group has a win, momentum builds. Results for everyone in the group start to happen more quickly. You are literally carried along by the tide of progress. This makes your success on the programme  inevitable. 

No one is left behind

With me as your Coach, you get my belief in you as standard.  I hold that belief for as long as it takes for you to believe in yourself. In Imposter Syndrome Coaching, the group holds belief for you too. Coaching with people who believe in you ensures your belief happens quicker, which means you get results faster. 

Being a lawyer should be easier and more fulfilling

I’ve been coaching and teaching lawyers with Imposter Syndrome for years. I’ve helped them to be more visible, work more efficiently, feel more in control, seize more opportunities and be more confident than they imagined.

It was life changing and continues to inspire me
and help me grow” – Client T

Clients leave this programme with more balance, more confidence, and more of the recognition they deserve.

Getting out of my own way

I am a magic-circle trained ex-City lawyer and I’ve experienced Imposter Syndrome my whole life. So I know exactly what it’s like to be in a competitive environment and feel like a fraud.

I was always getting in my own way:

Playing small.
Always undermining my success.

I tried ‘power posing’, faking it ‘til I made it, telling myself I was good enough. But all these tips just treated the symptoms. 

I made Imposter Syndrome my strength

After exhausting so many options I discovered how to get out of my own way: 

  • I learned what triggered my Imposter Syndrome.  
  • I learned how to manage the fear and anxiety that always followed. 
  • I discovered how to trust who I am. 
  • Then instead of avoiding those triggers, I leaned into them. And the more I leaned into them the closer I got to my goals. 

This is how I solved my Imposter Syndrome. It’s how I learned to stop overworking and overthinking and 10x-ed my productivity. It’s how I’ve raised my profile and attracted incredible opportunities. And it’s how I build my confidence. 

This strategy has been so powerful, it has turned my Imposter Syndrome from a weakness into a strength. I have progressed to a level in my career beyond anything I had imagined. And I just keep going. 

This is possible for you too.

Let’s make it happen together.

Unanswered questions? Let’s talk.

Book a call, direct to my calendar, and I’ll be happy to answer.

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