Stop overthinking. Stop overworking. Get the recognition you deserve.

You’ve had enough of feeling like a fraud. You’re tired of thinking your success is down to luck and worrying that any minute now you’re going to be found out.

You don’t have to go on like this.

There’s a way to stop worrying that you don’t know enough, that you’re not good enough or experienced enough or white or male or able-bodied enough.

There’s a way to stop excessively checking your work from a place of fear and trying to make everything perfect, because you’re afraid you’ll be found out or that you’ll let somebody down.

There’s a way to speak up more, to be more visible and to attract more of the right opportunities so that you start getting the recognition you deserve. All of this is possible for you when you build confidence that lasts.

Confidence That Lasts.

Confidence that lasts doesn’t come from convincing yourself you deserve to be here or reminding yourself how hard you worked to get this far. It doesn’t come from your boss or your best friend (or your mum!) telling you you deserve your success, it isn’t down to luck.

Imposter Syndrome doesn’t care about the truth.

Imposter Syndrome doesn’t care about the truth. It doesn’t care what you’ve done. It only cares that you can trust who you are. If you want to build confidence that lasts, first you must solve your Imposter Syndrome. You have to get to know who you are. You have to learn to like what that says about you. And you have to start trusting that you are enough. I will show you how.

Start Solving Your Imposter Syndrome

Proud to be an Imposter

I’m Caroline Flanagan and I’m proud to be an Imposter. Imposter Syndrome generates my power, showcases my value and drives me to succeed. Against the odds, I made it from a council estate in Birmingham to being the only black student in an all-white school – twice. I went on to be one of a tiny minority of students of colour at Cambridge University, one of a sprinkling at law school and one of the only people of colour in the room at two of the world’s most prestigious law firms. I am proud to call myself an Imposter. But it wasn’t always this way.


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