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    Think Imposter Syndrome is your weakness?
    Think again

    Feeling like a fraud.
    Thinking your success is down to luck.
    Worrying that any minute now you’re going to be exposed.

    Welcome to Imposter Syndrome.


    Right now I know having it feels like a weakness. It feels like a problem you have to fix before you can succeed.

    But Imposter Syndrome isn’t your weakness.
    It’s your strength.

    And there’s a way to use it to your advantage in your career.

    Let me show you how in this FREE MASTERCLASS.


    Tuesday 6 December, 2022 at 5pm GMT


    How to make Imposter Syndrome your strength, and use it to progress your career.

    A FREE Masterclass on understanding your Imposter Syndrome, making it your strength and using it to your advantage.

    Here’s what you’ll learn:

    • What Imposter Syndrome is (and what it isn’t).
    • How to tell if you have it (and how to be sure you don’t)
    • What’s causing your Imposter Syndrome.
    • How Imposter Syndrome is holding you back.
    • What resisting Imposter Syndrome is costing you.
    • How accepting your Imposter Syndrome will elevate you.
    • How to use Imposter Syndrome to progress your career.

    A proven strategy

    In this Masterclass I teach you the simple 3 step strategy I teach paying clients inside Imposter Syndrome Coaching for Lawyers.

    When you implement this strategy, you’ll have everything you need to make Imposter Syndrome your strength.  This session gives you practical advice you can start implementing the minute you leave the Masterclass. It covers everything, so please allow 90 minutes in your calendar.

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    What you will learn in this Masterclass will change how you think about Imposter Syndrome, how you think about yourself and your understanding of what it takes to succeed in this industry.

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      * Include your mobile to receive a reminder that the webinar is starting, direct to your phone.

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