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    What’s your goal?

    You know you have the potential, but something inside is holding you back.
    You want more confidence.

    You’re always anxious and overwhelmed at work.
    You want to feel less stressed and more at ease.

    You’re way of working is exhausting and unsustainable.
    You want better balance.

    You work so hard and sacrifice so much.
    You want more recognition.

    When you lack confidence, you’re always anxious, you overwork or you struggle with being more visible, it’s hard to imagine how you can progress. But there is a way to progress your legal career when you have Imposter Syndrome.

    Attend my FREE MASTERCLASS and I will show you how.

    Free Masterclass

    Join me on Monday 26th September at 18.00pm BST for How to Progress your Law Career when you have Imposter Syndrome. This is a FREE Masterclass on how to get the recognition you deserve, the balance you want, the confidence you’ve earned and the ability to do your job as a lawyer with more ease.

    Here’s what I’ll cover:

    • The classic signs of Imposter Syndrome everyone talks about (and the secret signs they don’t)
    • Why fixing your Imposter Syndrome is a mistake and what you should do instead.
    • The workplace habits that are keeping you stuck
    • The fastest way to stop overworking
    • The easiest way to stop overthinking
    • How to raise your profile without being “that person”
    • How to internalise your success and build confidence that lasts

    A proven strategy

    In this Masterclass I teach you the same proven strategy I teach paying clients to help them progress their career.

    When you implement this strategy, you’ll have everything you need to progress your career not just to the next level, but every level.  This session gives you practical advice you can start implementing the minute you leave the Masterclass.

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    What you will learn in this Masterclass is the difference between just getting by in this industry and thriving in it.

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      * Include your mobile to receive a reminder that the webinar is starting, direct to your phone.

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