Episode #116 People Believing in You


Has your boss ever told you they believe in you? That you are capable, that you have great potential, or that you should apply for a promotion or pay rise?

It should feel like a huge pat on the back to have a senior or respected colleague appreciate you like this:

  • It’s a reflection of your good work
  • It shows they are invested in you
  • It suggests they are keen to support your career.

But when you have Imposter Syndrome, people believing in you isn’t welcome approval – it’s a daunting trigger.

Having a boss who believes in you makes you feel even more pressured and afraid. That’s it! Your time’s up! You’re going to be found out for sure. The stakes are higher now. You not only have to worry about letting yourself down, but letting your boss down too. The risk of shame feels real, and it pushes you more than ever towards behaviour that is holding you back:

  • Overthinking
  • Overworking, and
  • Playing small.

In this episode I explain how this behaviour creates unwanted results and I tell you what to do instead to create the results you DO want.

Remember – Imposter Syndrome isn’t a problem you need to fix. It’s a puzzle that you need to solve. In this episode I give you the simple, practical 3-step process to help you solve it.

When you solve your Imposter Syndrome, other people’s belief in you won’t tell you anything new. It will confirm what you already know.

Tune in to learn more.

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