Episode #117 The Trust Factor 


Do you wonder why confidence, on the rare occasions you feel it, never lasts? Or why it comes in short bursts or feels fake?

That’s because you’re trying to solve your Imposter Syndrome with quick fixes that don’t get to the route of the problem; your lack of trust in who you are.

When something happens to trigger your Imposter Syndrome, you make it mean that you’re not enough: not experienced enough, not knowledgable enough, not assertive enough, not male enough…

And because you feel you’re not enough, you show up that way at work:

  • Overthinking – spending hours worrying about your performance, feeling that you are a fraud and that you are letting people down
  • Overworking – procrastinating, labouring over your work, excessively checking what you’ve done, and
  • Playing small – shying away from opportunities and not speaking up in meetings.

But the real problem isn’t you. Or that you’re not enough. The problem is a lack of trust. You don’t trust who you are. You don’t trust that you are enough.

Imagine a house with no foundations. It wouldn’t stand up for long! Your confidence is the same. Without the firm foundations of trust in yourself, your confidence won’t last.

In this episode, I explain that if you want to build confidence that lasts, you must trust that you’re enough, and make sure every action you take comes from this place of trust. Forget confidence as the objective. When you trust you are enough, your confidence takes care of itself. This is part of the step by step process I walk you through in Imposter Speech Coaching for building the trust you need to create confidence that lasts.

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