Episode #118 Getting Started 

Do you consume all the content and advice about Imposter Syndrome, but then never actually do anything?

Do you constantly talk about your Imposter Syndrome to friends, but never talk about the solution?

Are you always searching for that elusive magic fix for your own special brand of Imposter Syndrome, but never finding it?

Do you frequently tell yourself that you’re going to do something about your Imposter Syndrome, but then never actually commit to doing anything?

If this is you then join the club! We’ve all been there. You know what you want (real confidence that lasts) and you know how to get it (by solving the puzzle of your Imposter Syndrome). So what’s stopping you from getting stuck in?   

Perhaps you have all sorts of sensible-sounding reasons. “It won’t work for me. It’s not the right time. I’m too busy at work. I’m different. Maybe my Imposter Syndrome is too bad to solve.”

But these really are just excuses. The problem is not that the solution to Imposter Syndrome won’t work for you, or that you don’t have the time. The problem is how you’re thinking about it. These negative thoughts make you feel powerless and unmotivated. They put imaginary obstacles in your way. If everything seems hopeless and too difficult from the get go, why even bother trying?

So you don’t ever get started. And because you don’t get started, nothing changes. Your Imposter Syndrome is still causing you the same problems this year as it did last year. It’s a vicious circle.

But what if instead of thinking, “it won’t work”, you just took that first little step? What if you did just, ‘get started’?

In this episode, I explain how getting started is the most important part of the process. By getting started, you’ve got skin in the game. You’re giving yourself a chance to get to the finish and achieve the results you want, with little wins and changes along the way motivating you to keep going. Imagine you want to run a 10k. If you don’t go out and train, the likelihood of you achieving your goal (or even turning up on race day!) is small. Signing up for that first running club session, however, might just put you on the path to eventual 10k success.

I talk you through how to take that vital first step and explain how to get started on the most important project of your life – solving your Imposter Syndrome.

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