Episode #120 How You Get There

How do you make partner when you have Imposter Syndrome?

Going for a promotion puts pressure on anyone. The pressure to consistently present yourself in the best light, to keep delivering results, to achieve the recognition and pay you deserve. But when you have Imposter Syndrome and you already feel like a fraud, or not good enough, this pressure massively intensifies.

Going for a promotion is actually a TRIGGER for your Imposter Syndrome. Your usual coping mechanisms go into overdrive, so you:

  • Overwork with excessive preparation and checking
  • Overthink by wasting more of your time worrying
  • Play small by making yourself less visible, and
  • Self-sabotage by becoming even more self-critical.

But these coping strategies will not improve your chances of success. They deprive you of time to do work of real value, and they negatively affect your performance. When you overwork, overthink, play small and self- sabotage on your way to promotion, you are setting yourself up to do exactly the same when you GET the promotion.

How you get there is how you stay there.

  • Whatever you do now to earn your promotion is what your brain is going to tell you you need to do to stay there!
  • Because when you have Imposter Syndrome – your instinct (and what you will default to if your Imposter Syndrome remains unsolved) is to do everything you can to AVOID exposure. So, you will keep doing what you’ve always done.
  • With your current way of working, even if it brings you immediate success and you are promoted – you pay the price in the long run because you further ingrain the negative work practices that:

a) put you at risk of burnout
b) stop you from fulfilling your potential
c) don’t give you the recognition you deserve, and
d) make work less fun.

Instead, you need to be ready for your next level of success, which means being equipped to deal with it, being able to enjoy it, and stepping into being the next version of yourself.

In this episode, I explain how solving your Imposter Syndrome NOW, is the way to stop overworking, to stop overthinking, and to get that promotion you deserve.

When you solve your Imposter Syndrome, it means you trust that you’re enough. When you trust that you’re enough, every action you take, decision you make, and problem you solve, is delivered at a much higher level. Your partnership application will be stronger – and you will be better equipped and prepared for solving your Imposter Syndrome when it is triggered at the next level.

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