Intentional Leadership

“I want to be a better manager and leader than the Partner who lead me” is not a way to lead. It’s a style of leadership which will leave you people pleasing and over sheltering your team in a way that serves neither them nor you. Take my client, F, Counsel in a law firm. … Continued

What emotions are you willing to feel?

What’s holding you back isn’t the not knowing what to do It’s the resistance to doing it because of the emotions you’re afraid to feel. You’ve had the feedback. You know exactly what you need to do – 〽️Increase your visibility internally and externally 〽️Be more present with clients, front and centre on deals 〽️Speaking … Continued

Asking for help

Promotion isn’t everything. Sometimes, career progression is as simple and life changing as asking for help instead of doing it all yourself. So you stop feeling overwhelmed and stressed. So you stop wanting to quit. So work is more sustainable and promotion feels possible. The workload is heavy and you have a boss who leaves … Continued

Find Your Story

You are a legal imposter. Your Imposter Syndrome is legit. Your Imposter Syndrome is meant to be there. It was never supposed to hold you back. Imposter Syndrome is there to elevate you. To distinguish you. It’s there to remind you how extraordinary you are, to showcase your value and to lead you to your … Continued

No One Can Throw You Under The Bus

No one can throw you under the bus, except you. The bus is the bus. How you react when it comes, is up to you. When you tell yourself you’ve been thrown under it, the only perspective you have is from being face down in the dirt and feeling trampled over. Seeing everything that happens … Continued

Nothing’s Gone Wrong

Nothing’s gone wrong. It is just taking longer than you expected. To earn their trust. To win their support. To get the recognition you deserve. It IS happening. Just not the way you thought it would. Or believed it should. When you have a bad week (or couple of weeks…) your brain will tell you … Continued

What’s Your Story

There’s no such thing as a difficult past. There’s only the story you choose to tell about it. Keep telling the story of struggle and all the things that were hard or unfair and that’s the story you’ll keep living. It’s the future you’ll keep creating. You think there’s only one truth about what happened … Continued

No Shortcuts

You can’t short cut your way to confidence. When you fake it ‘til you make it, all you’re doing is building confidence in someone you’re not. This may work for a while. But when the conditions change or the task is different, you’re right back where you started: hiding behind your work. Afraid to be … Continued

Credit Where Credit is Due

You must take credit for your work. Every compliment. Every word of praise. Every piece of positive feedback. Every tiny step you take towards being a better lawyer today than you were yesterday. Recognise it. Celebrate it all. Take every ounce of credit from it and make it who you are. One of the common … Continued

Free Masterclass for Lawyers with Imposter Syndrome

If you have already tried to register for the Free Masterclass, good on you! I love an early adopter. Here’s the link you need: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Otherwise, read on! How do you want to progress? Get more recognition? Have better balance? Feel more confident? Work with less stress and more ease? When you … Continued