No One Can Throw You Under The Bus

No one can throw you under the bus, except you.

The bus is the bus.

How you react when it comes, is up to you.

When you tell yourself you’ve been thrown under it, the only perspective you have is from being face down in the dirt and feeling trampled over. Seeing everything that happens at work through this lens is exhausting.

No wonder your resilience is running low. No wonder you want to give up.

It’s also distracting. All you think about is how badly you’ve been treated and then resent the people you believe put you there.

When you’re distracted like this you miss so much. You dismiss your incredible wins. You ignore the progress that could motivate you to keep going. Most of all, you miss the opportunity for growing your belief that you are someone who can never be thrown under the bus.

Not by anyone. Or anything.

You have not been thrown under the bus. This did not happen to you.

A bus is a bus.

You’ll encounter many on your career path.

If you see one heading in the direction you want to go and you want to get there faster, get on it.

If it isn’t, or you don’t, let it go. Stay in your lane. Stay committed to your path.

If a bus drives through a puddle and you are drenched with rainwater it’s ok to be annoyed. It’s fine to feel frustrated.

Just don’t throw yourself under the bus by telling yourself it was deliberate and despairing that it keeps on happening to you.

This isn’t who you are.

You are you. Unique, extraordinary, one of a kind you. No one else has been on the same journey to becoming you. This is your value. The world needs to see more of it.

Do not get distracted.

Happy Friday,

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