Asking for help

Promotion isn’t everything. Sometimes, career progression is as simple and life changing as asking for help instead of doing it all yourself.

So you stop feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

So you stop wanting to quit.

So work is more sustainable and promotion feels possible.

The workload is heavy and you have a boss who leaves everything for you to do.

You have a client who thinks they own you.

The emails keep piling up and you’re constantly chasing the day.

You have children to organise and raise and be present for.

You have a partner to connect with. Friends to stay connected to.

And then there are the aging parents who need your support.

All of this sounds like a lot.

When you do everything yourself, it IS a lot.

When you’re willing to ask for help, all of this becomes manageable. Your career becomes sustainable and is infinitely more enjoyable.

This, too, is progress.

Asking for help when you’re used to doing it all yourself only feels unnatural right now because you’re not doing it enough.

It’s like an underused muscle you never knew you had. The more you use it, the stronger it gets and the more it supports you.

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