Nothing’s Gone Wrong

Nothing’s gone wrong.

It is just taking longer than you expected.

To earn their trust.

To win their support.

To get the recognition you deserve.

It IS happening. Just not the way you thought it would. Or believed it should.

When you have a bad week (or couple of weeks…) your brain will tell you that what you’re doing is not working. That the progress you thought you were making was a lie.

Don’t believe it.

You are exactly where you’re supposed to be. The results are already there. They just haven’t revealed themselves to you yet.

Your latest setback is not evidence of your failure. It’s proof that you are doing  everything right. You are getting ready to be the version of yourself who has the result you want. Don’t stop now!

It’s ok to feel angry. Disappointed. Let down. Frustrated.

Your feelings are valid and you should allow every one of them.

Give words to them. Feel them in your body. Find words to describe them. Let them pass through you.

Then release them.

You are still in charge. The one who decides what happens next.

Remember you are only one thought away from the result you are trying to create.

Just one thought.

The circumstances don’t have to change. The people around you don’t have to say the right thing or be anything other than who they are for things to be better. For all this to work in your favour.

All you need is one thought – a sentence in your brain which you choose to believe.

One thought is all it takes to move you from feeling victimised, helpless, let down and alone to feeling ambitious, empowered, committed and certain.

You are still on track. Keep going!

Happy Friday,

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