Invest in Yourself

If you are used to your firm giving you free training and accelerator programmes,  spending £3000 of your hard-earned cash on Coaching will feel like a lot.  

And it is. 

Even for a 6-MONTH programme.  

Even when you get WEEKLY coaching.  

Even with the power of GROUP EXPONENTIAL and the flexibility afforded by CONSOLIDATION MONTHS.  

Even with the IMPOSTER COMMUNITY and all the other features I’ve built into the programme to ensure you succeed.  

Years ago, I would never have dreamed of investing £3000 in myself.  

Now I invest more than 10 x that in myself. Every. Year.  

No, not in Roland Mouret dresses! (that’s a different budget) 

Not in business (although I invest in that too). 

In developing my brain and how to use it to its fullest potential so I can create the results (financial, personal, professional) that I want.  

I can do this because, when it comes to my personal and professional development, I have a completely different mindset about money. I don’t make decisions based on the amount of money I am being asked to part with. 

I base my decisions on the value I stand to gain and how confident I am of getting what I came for. 

 What is the value?  

With Imposter Syndrome Coaching, the value being offered is clear and simple.  

I will give you a clear and simple process for solving your Imposter Syndrome and progressing your law career in a tangible, measurable way. I will teach you, coach you and support you every step of the way. And because you learn how to progress your career at this level, you’ll know how to progress your career at every level.  

Value = √ 

Will I get what I came for? 

With Imposter Syndrome Coaching you get the strategy, the teaching, the tools and the coaching, all within a structure designed specifically for lawyers with Imposter Syndrome, to give you a level of support, safety, community and accountability that will all but guarantee your progress.  

That just leaves YOU.  

Here’s how you know you’re ready: 

You want more. 

You’re tired of sabotaging your success.  

You’re done with quick fixes and you’re ready to solve your Imposter Syndrome for good.  


See you inside the programme.  




P.S. Lawyers with Imposter Syndrome. There’s still time to apply for Imposter Syndrome Coaching, but you need to hurry. Enrolment ends tonight – Friday 17th June, 2022 – at midnight (BST). CLICK HERE to go straight to the application form.

CLICK HERE if you need more details before you apply. 

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