Four Simple Steps

In Imposter Syndrome Coaching, I help you solve your Imposter Syndrome efficiently and get you taking action to progress your career quickly. You will start noticing results in as little as 30 days.  

We bypass the quick fixes you’ve relied on in the past to create short term results. 

Together we focus only on solving your Imposter Syndrome with a strategy that works. Not just for where you are now. This strategy will continue to work for you 1 year from now.  

5 years from now.  

And beyond. 

That strategy is simple: 

  1. Normalise your Imposter Syndrome 
  2. Know who you are 
  3. Trust you are enough 
  4. Follow your Imposter Syndrome to your goal.


We deliberately keep this process simple. Being a lawyer with Imposter Syndrome is complicated enough!  

 Which form of career progression is most important for you right now? 

  • More recognition?  
  • Better balance? 
  • More confidence? 
  • Being able to do your job with less anxiety and more ease? 

Whatever your goal, it’s the exact same simple process.  

In Imposter Syndrome Coaching, less is more:  

  • Less guesswork 
  • Less compare and despair 
  • Less looking for solutions outside yourself (and focusing on things you can’t control) 
  • Less relying on someone else to tell you how valuable you are 
  • Less handing over ownership of your success to your firm. 

You get a proven process that sets you up to keep progressing through every stage of your career. 

 I teach you the principles.  

I give you the tools.  

You show up and get coached. 

Enrolment for the July 2022 class is open and is by application only. You must get your application in by midnight (BST) on 17th June, 2022. Apply TODAY, and you won’t have to add it to your to do list.  

I’ll see you inside.  




P.S. To apply, you will need to complete a simple application form. This will take you around 10 minutes. You can link straight to the form here. Or you can find more details about the programme here. 

P.P.S. Spaces are limited. To be considered for a place on the programme, you need to be a lawyer with Imposter Syndrome.