Building confidence is easier than you think

You don’t have to get rid of your Imposter Syndrome to be confident

Imposter Syndrome isnʼt a problem you have to fix. Itʼs the puzzle you need to solve so you can trust who you are. This is how real confidence is built.

Solving your Imposter Syndrome doesnʼt have to be complicated. Itʼs as simple as knowing why you have Imposter Syndrome. Liking what your Imposter Syndrome says about you. And then trusting you are enough. Know. Like. Trust.

Thatʼs it.

Building confidence is like renovating a house.

You dig the foundations. You assemble the structure. And then you build in layers. That’s exactly what we do in Imposter Syndrome Coaching. We build confidence from the bottom up. Thatʼs why it works.

Thatʼs how confidence lasts.

Whether your goal is a promotion, to stop overthinking and overworking or to stop playing small, it’s the exact same process. And we keep that process simple.

In Imposter Syndrome Coaching, less is more.

Less trial and error.
Less outside influence of what others are doing.
Less looking for solutions outside yourself.
Less relying on someone else to tell you how valuable you are. How much potential you have.
Less handing over responsibility for your success to your firm.

The next class of Imposter Syndrome Coaching is enrolling soon.

NOW is the time to prepare.

Enrolment by application only.
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Imposter Syndrome Coaching is 6 months of weekly coaching in a group of up to 25 lawyers with Imposter Syndrome who have been selected to join. You learn from being coached personally. You understand through hearing others be coached.

The person you become just by being in this room is worth the entire investment itself.

Imposter Syndrome Coaching is the room where transformation happens.

It is the room not just for where you are now, but for where you are going.

After Imposter Syndrome Coaching you trust who you are

You stop worrying you are not enough. You manage negative emotions. You keep your cool.
You trust yourself to take action. You perform at the highest level. Your actions build confidence.

Which means:

No more feeling stressed and anxious all the time
No more wasting hours labouring over emails
No more stressing about not knowing the answer and thinking you’ll be struck off
No more obsessively checking your work
No more freaking out after negative feedback
No more staying silent in meetings
No more judging yourself for what you say and the way you say it
No more avoiding those opportunities you know you should go for
No more depending on external validation
No more making everything perfect

And because of this:

You get things done faster, so you have more time. For other work. For loved ones. For your own self care
You are more focused, which means you perform better. So you get more recognition.
You are more visible, so people will know who you are. So you attract more support and opportunities.
You are calmer, so you enjoy your work again. You can appreciate working with bright people. Being challenged. Solving problems.

The next class of Imposter Syndrome Coaching is coming soon.

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