You Create Your Own Luck

One of the worst things about Imposter Syndrome is thinking your success is down to luck.

It’s a horrible feeling, especially when you’ve just been promoted or moved up a level. At first you feel great. But then doubt starts to creep in. You worked hard. You’re more experienced. But Imposter Syndrome doesn’t care about the truth. It has no interest in how hard you worked to get here. Now matter how much you’ve achieved, it still has you thinking your success is down to luck.

Everyone you confide in will tell you this is wrong. Supportive colleagues. Friends and family. They’ll tell you luck had nothing to do with it and that it’s all down to you.

But this isn’t true.

The truth is, you ARE lucky. Your success IS down to luck. 

You having this job. Luck.

The results you delivered last year. Luck.

The visibility this gave you.  Luck.

Your projects. Your team. Your boss. The sponsor who supported you….

When you think of all the things that had to happen for you to get where you are, all the things that could have turned out differently, you see it everywhere: Luck.

I know this is uncomfortable for you to hear. I know you’d rather be told that it’s all down to you, so you can feel more confident in that new role. But resisting Imposter Syndrome doesn’t build confidence. It undermines it. You just stay stuck in the same old narrative that keeps you anxious and afraid and stops you performing to your potential.

Breaking free of that narrative is easier than you think. Just stop resisting your Imposter Syndrome. It’s not a problem you need to fix. It’s just a puzzle you need to solve about who you are and the value you bring. 

When you solve your Imposter Syndrome your relationship with luck changes. And so does your relationship with yourself. You know luck played a role in your success. But you discover that you were the one who created it. 

By showing up in the right place at the right time.
By speaking up.
Saying yes.
Risking failure.
Seizing the opportunity.
Making decisions.
Solving problems.
Putting in the hours.

Thinking your success is down to luck doesn’t undermine you. When you understand how luck is made, It empowers you to go out and make more of it.

Happy Friday,

P.S. In the Imposter Speech Programme I walk you step by step through the process for solving your Imposter Syndrome so you break the narrative of feeling anxious and afraid, and so you can go out and make more of your own luck. Enrolment opens 10 March. To ensure you don’t miss it, register your interest here.

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