We are Imposters

We are Imposters.

Our Imposter Syndrome isn’t there to hold us back. 

It’s there to distinguish us. 

To elevate us. 

We are meant to stand out from the crowd.

Imposters don’t succeed in spite of their Imposter Syndrome. We succeed because of it. It is our strength. 

We don’t think the cause of our Imposter Syndrome makes us unworthy. We understand the ways it makes us unique and that this is a major source of our value.

Having Imposter Syndrome doesn’t mean we are weak. Or that we don’t fulfil our potential. We take our thoughts about who we are, where we are, how we got here and where we are going, and we use them to add value to the world. And that value comes back to us.

We are not interested in being excluded. We don’t need permission to succeed. 

We are Imposters.

We stand out. 

There is no glory in being invisible. In being silent and unknown. It’s not about how many hours we work. We are not “only as good as” the last thing we did. Our value lies in who we are and what makes us unique and using that in the highest level of service.

We are changing the industry. We are creating what’s possible for generations of Imposters to follow.

The bar for succeeding as a lawyer is high to enter and even higher to succeed.  We are up for the challenge. 

We are Imposters. We succeed because of our Imposter Syndrome, not in spite of it. 

Happy Friday



If the thought of being an Imposter makes you feel more diminished than empowered, your work is just beginning.  Listen to episode 94 of the Caroline Flanagan Podcast to get started. 

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