How You Get There is How You Stay There

One of my clients was made partner last year. Her route to partnership was not what she expected.

The first time round, she was the most stressed she had ever been in her life (her words). She sacrificed everything. Health. Holidays. Downtime. Self-care. Family time. And she worried every step of the way about what it would mean if she didn’t make it. What it would say about her. What everyone would think. She gave that process more than she had to give. By the time she reached out to me for coaching, she was at breaking point.

I told her NOT making partner was the best thing that could have happened to her.

How you get there, is how you stay there. Everything you do now, think now, struggle with now – on your way to the next level – is what you will do, think and struggle with when you arrive. Except that it will all be on a much bigger scale.

  • If Imposter Syndrome makes you overwork at your current level, it will have you overworking twice as much at the next level.
  • If it has you worrying you don’t know the answer at this level, you will worry twice as much at the next level.
  • If your belief in how good a lawyer you are depends on other people’s praise, you will need twice as much to feel good about yourself at the next level (and at the higher level, you will be lucky to get half as much).

How you get there, is how you stay there. 

The second time my client went for partnership, she was in Imposter Speech Coaching. She did everything she’d done before – working hard, showcasing her value. Only this time round, her case for partnership wasn’t built on hustle, panic and the risk of burnout. It was built on who she is and the value she brings.

It’s brilliant that she is now a partner. The best part is, she doesn’t have to hustle, panic and risk burnout in order to stay there.

Happy Friday,

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