The Job of a Coach

My job as your coach is not to give you the answers.

My job is to ask you questions.

What else?
What are you assuming?
What haven’t you tried?
Why is that a problem?
What are you resisting?
What could you do differently?
What will get in the way of that?
How will you solve for that?

When you’re struggling to progress, this may not be what you think you want.
But a Coach’s job is not to give you the help you want.
It’s to give you the help you need, in order for you to succeed:
To see the situation more clearly.
To understand better.
To believe more deeply.
To approach things differently.
To think for yourself
To be resourceful
To problem solve
To have fresh ideas
To get out of your own way
To commit to a plan and to see it through.

When you’re feeling stuck, there’s no shortage of people with an opinion about what you should do. This sounds great, but it doesn’t serve you.

When someone gives you the answer, all you get is the answer. They, on the other hand, get to improve their thinking power, their resourcefulness, their ability to come up with ideas and their problem solving skills!

When Coaching you, I don’t give you the answer. I give you the questions that help you find the answer, which gives you so much more.

You get an answer you’re already sold on. A solution you’re willing to commit to and are so much more likely to see through to the end. And you become more capable. The act of finding the answer makes you a better thinker, a better problem solver, better at coming up with ideas. You are more resourceful, committed and courageous. And the experience of finding your own answer does wonders for your confidence.

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