Evaluate Your Work

Before I knew how to solve my Imposter Syndrome, I would never have evaluated my own work. The idea of casting an overly critical eye over my own performance would have filled me with terror!

So if self-evaluation is your idea of torture, I get it.

You’d rather avoid it because you’re scared of what you’ll find:

  • Something you did wrong.
  • Confirmation you are not enough.
  • Proof you’ll be found out.

But the more willing you are to evaluate your own work, the faster you’ll progress and the quicker your confidence will grow.

It doesn’t end there.

The less willing you are to evaluate your own work, the more ingrained your Imposter Syndrome will become and the longer it will hold you hostage.


So I challenge you this week to evaluate any performance (how you performed in a meeting for example) or piece of work. Ask yourself what went well, what didn’t and what you’ll do differently next time.

You’ll want to resist this challenge.

You’ll find 50 plausible-sounding reasons why you can’t do it right now and you’ll be tempted to put it off.


Tell yourself that evaluating your own work is a trigger for your Imposter Syndrome so the urge to avoid doing it is normal. Nothing has gone wrong.

Process the fear.

Trust who you are.

Lean into the work.

Find one thing you did well. Identify one thing you didn’t. Decide on one thing you will do differently so that next time you are better.

I still don’t love evaluating my own work. But the value I get from it is SO good, I’m willing to lean into my Imposter Syndrome to get it.

Let me know how you get on with the challenge!

Happy Friday,

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