Episode #98 Showcase Your Value

I’ve been thinking about the clients I work with who feel undervalued and unappreciated, and they all make the same mistakes:

They think that working hard is enough.

They think their work should speak for itself.

They think that putting the client first, making sacrifices in their personal life and getting the job done to a high standard is enough.

But none of this will get you the recognition or promotion you deserve if people don’t know you. It’s not enough to be valuable. You have to showcase your value to the world, continuously.

My clients already know this, but they don’t do it. They think that showcasing their value is bragging. They think talking about their achievements is boasting. They all seem to have a colleague who showcases his or her value and comes across as arrogant and unappealing. They do not want to be that person. Sound familiar?

I’m here to tell you that showcasing your value has nothing to do with bragging or boasting. It’s about service. When you tell others how capable, experienced and hard working you are, you are giving them the information they need to help them make important decisions – such as who they should work with, who to pass the next opportunity on to, who they can hand over more responsibility to.

If you struggle with the idea of showcasing your value, you’ll love episode 98 of the podcast where I encourage you to showcase more of your value. In it I share the 3 simple mindset shifts that will free you from the fear of bragging, and motivate you to showcase your value in service to others and, in doing so, attract the recognition and promotion you deserve.

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