Episode #99 Creating Results

Do you set a goal and then work towards it, hoping that it will happen? Knowing that you have to do your bit, but believing that in the end, the result depends on things you can’t control: someone else’s decision; the number of hours in a day; or good old fashioned luck?

The up side of sharing responsibility for your results is that there’s always someone or something else to blame or share the blame with when you don’t get the result you want.

But here are the downsides:

  1. If you don’t get the result you want, it reinforces your belief that you have no control
  2. If you do get the result you want, it reinforces your belief that your success is built on luck
  3. You miss opportunities
  4. You give up too soon
  5. You don’t even come close to achieving your potential

It doesn’t have to be like this. There’s a way to feel more in control and still succeed, even if you don’t get the result (at the first attempt). There’s a way to get the result and actually internalise the success of it, so your confidence grows. There’s a way to ensure you spot every opportunity and never give up too soon, so that you prove to yourself what you’re truly capable of.

All you have to do is stop setting goals and start creating results.

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