Episode #97 Emotional Management

Do you ever find yourself creating the very result you had been trying to avoid, because of how you reacted in the heat of the moment? Because you acted (or avoided taking action) out of fear, for example?

If you’re human, the answer is likely to be yes!

But what if it didn’t have to be that way?

What if you could experience an emotions like fear or anxiety, without being held hostage by them?

Emotional management is not about ignoring emotions or pretending not to feel. Quite the opposite. It’s about paying attention to your emotions and allowing yourself to feel them, and then being intentional about where you go next. As my coach likes to say about one of the most powerful emotions we all experience: “fear can be in the car, but it can’t be in the driving seat!”.

All of this is available to you, too. Not just as a way of coping with difficult emotions, but also as a way of learning how to enjoy and fully experience positive ones. All you need is emotional management. Of all the tools I could give you, this is the one.

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