Episode #96 Skin In The Game

Exactly how serious are you about achieving your goal?

Are you committed?

Are you invested?

Do you have something to lose if you don’t achieve it?

There’s a noticeable difference between my clients who book their sessions, show up on time, engage in the coaching process and do the work; and those who don’t do any of that.

That difference is skin in the game and it is the difference between those who create extraordinary results, and those who don’t.

Which one are you?

When you have skin in the game you are heavily invested. The stakes are high and you have something to lose. When you have something to lose, you’re motivated to go all in on your goal and that’s what leads to extraordinary results.

That I’m willing to let go of clients who are not invested in their goal tells you a lot about the kind of coach I am.

I won’t let you sit on the fence about achieving your goals.

I won’t let you waste time chasing goals you don’t care about.

I’m going to show up for you by insisting you have skin in the game, and that’s how you’ll learn to succeed.

In this episode:

  1. What we mean by skin in the game
  2. What happens when you don’t have it
  3. How to have skin in the game
  4. The results you create when do