Episode #95 Thought Shifts

2 weeks ago I didn’t know how to surf. Unlike my kids, I am terrified of the ocean and intimidated by crashing waves. Also, I absolutely hate being cold.

Today I long for the surf! I miss the push and pull of the waves as I try to paddle out; the nervous anticipation as a wave approaches and the excitement as I stand up on the board. Woohooooo!

What changed?

The ocean didn’t change. It is still fierce, intimidating and absolutely freezing.

I stopped thinking “I can’t do it” and I started thinking “I can figure it out”.

One simple thought shift gave me everything I needed to succeed:

the commitment to book a surfing holiday! the courage to take that first step into the sea. the willingness to be taught the resilience to get back up and learn from my fails the enthusiasm to enjoy it all – even squeezing myself into a wetsuit

All this, because I shifted one simple thought.

This isn’t just how I learned to surf.

This is how I create results.

I don’t wait for the world to change – to become less intimidating, less challenging or to guarantee that I’m not going to fail. I don’t wait for the conditions to be perfect. I change a thought, and the thought changes everything.

This episode is about how you, too, can start creating results with your thoughts.

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