Episode #94 Calling Yourself An Imposter

Would you call yourself an Imposter?

I would and I do. In fact I am proud to call myself an Imposter. In this episode I explain what that means and I challenge you to call yourself an Imposter too so that it can help you show up more powerfully in your life and create better results.

Calling yourself an Imposter is all about building a powerful relationship with yourself. It requires that you understand the cause of your Imposter Syndrome and that you 100% believe yourself to be unique, valuable and capable of creating extraordinary results. It’s a process. It requires work. But it’s one of the most powerful pieces of work you could ever do.

If you’re tired of being held back by your Imposter Syndrome and you’re ready to start creating extraordinary results, book a consultation with me here: Book a consultation

P.s. apologies if the sound is a challenge in this episode! Recorded from LaPoint surf camp in Portugal!

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