Episode #8 Achieve your 2023 fitness goals

So you want to get fit for 2023!

So you join a new gym or renew your old membership. You find a new form of exercise you’re convinced you’re going to love, or you sign up with a new fitness coach who you’ve been eager to try.

All of this seems like the right approach to achieving your fitness goal, but is it?

Let’s face it, the reason you’re not already as fit as you want to be or exercising as regularly as you’d like is NOT because you don’t have the right membership. Or because you haven’t found the right fitness coach.

It’s because you’re Overworking.

Overworking is a secret sign of Imposter Syndrome. It’s the work you do that adds little or no value because it’s driven by fear, and which means work takes you longer than it should. Perfectionism. Not delegating. Labouring over the simplest email. These are examples of Overworking and the reasons why you are not making time to exercise.

So if you’re serious about getting fit this year, don’t look to your gym membership or your choice of fitness coach, look at how you manage your time.

Managing your time is the key to achieving your fitness goals. It forces you to be more efficient (so you stop overworking), ensures you are putting your work out sessions in your calendar and it means that when the moment comes to don your work out gear and get out of the house, you feel safe and in control enough to step away from your work.

In this episode of the podcast I explain the importance of managing your time and I give you 3 strategies to help you do that in a way that will transform your productivity and make it easy for you to honour your commitment to getting fitter.

Tune in to learn more.

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