Episode #11 Stop labouring over emails!

Labouring over emails is a form of overworking that shows your work is taking longer than it should. This is creating more stress and overwhelm in your career, it makes balance harder and confidence harder to attain.

In this episode I tell you exactly what you need to do, and the thoughts you need to think when your Imposter Syndrome is triggered, to help you stop.

You can take the process I teach in this episode and implement it right now, to make a difference in how you work immediately.

Here’s what I cover:

⚡️Why it’s important to stop labouring over emails

⚡️The step by step guide to stopping, which you can implement TODAY

⚡️An Imposter Syndrome trigger warning – so you know how Imposter Syndrome will try to hold you back and you know exactly what to do when it does

⚡️ The skills you will cultivate as you get better and better at this (and the tools I created to help you)

Why not try this simple solution RIGHT NOW?

👉🏾 If you’re a lawyer and you want to fulfil more of your potential, I can help you with that. Jump on a call so we can discuss exactly how you’re getting in your own way and to find out if Imposter syndrome coaching is for you.


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