Episode #77: Doing Hard Things

What do you do when you’re finding things hard?

It happens to us all. You’ll have heard me say that life is an arena. That’s because sooner or later (and perhaps more often than we’d like) we come across something we think we cannot do, or we simply don’t enjoy or want to do. I’ll bet you’ve felt that way at work a few times already this year, to say nothing of this seemingly endless lockdown.

On the podcast this week I want to share with you the tool I use to help me do hard things. What I love about this tool is that it’s ludicrously simple, and surprisingly effective. It’s a mantra I say to myself when things feel hard and I don’t want to do them: “I know how to do hard things”.

It’s a bit like resilience, only it’s better, because it’s a tool you can actually use. Say it to get you through a difficult day, a challenging task or an overwhelming project. Or say it to give yourself the push you may need to step out of your comfort zone and do something bold that will progress your career this year. It’s been my go to tool lately as I prepare for the launch date of my new book, Be The First, on 26th February. Trust me, it works.

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