Episode #78 Imposter Series Part I: Imposter Syndrome Doesn’t Care About The Truth

In episode 78 I talk about the Imposter Syndrome crisis I had while writing my book… about Imposter Syndrome! I describe the conversation with my Speaker Coach, humorist Jeremy Nicholas, about where this particular strain of Imposter Syndrome comes from and why he found it so funny. I then share 3 key insights about Imposter Syndrome which helped me to solve this crisis so I could go on to finish the book, and which will help you to see your Imposter Syndrome in a new light. Here’s what comes up:

3 words to help you identify Imposter Syndrome: * FRAUD: you feel like a fraud
 * LUCK: you feel your success is down to luck
 * EXPOSURE: you’re afraid that any minute now you’ll be exposed

3 insights to help you solve your Imposter Syndrome: * Your Imposter Syndrome doesn’t care about the truth
 * Imposter Syndrome does, however, contain a grain of truth
 * What matters with Imposter Syndrome is not whether it’s true or untrue, but what you make it mean

Mentioned in this episode: – Jeremy Nicholas, Speaker, Humorist and Keynote Tickler  

– Be The First: People of Colour, Imposter Syndrome and the Struggle to Succeed in a White World, which is published on 26th February 2021, and is available to preorder here.

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