Episode #6 Make Imposter Syndrome Your Strength

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Hey Legal Imposters! Today I’m offering you the opportunity to PRE-ENROL for the January 2023 class of Imposter Syndrome Coaching.  Doors open to everyone (as long as they’re a lawyer of course) on 6th December. But I’m giving you the opportunity to pre-enrol TODAY. This means getting your application in first. Which means I’ll review it first. Which means as long as you meet the requirements, you’ll be first in line when it’s time to offer places on the programme.

Places are limited, so take advantage! Go straight to the application form here: Imposter Syndrome Coaching Pre-Enrolment Form Right, let’s talk about Making Imposter Syndrome your strength. This episode is a Call To Action! I’m calling on you to stop resisting your Imposter Syndrome and focus all your effort and attention on Making It Your Strength. This is the unique solution to your Imposter Syndrome that will get you out of your own way, and set you up to fulfil more of your potential. You won’t find this solution anywhere else.

In this episode:

  • The 4 common mistakes people make about Imposter Syndrome
  • Why getting rid of your Imposter Syndrome will devalue who you are
  • How devaluing who you are is negatively affecting how you work
  • How valuing who you are is the key to working at your highest level
  • Why making Imposter Syndrome your strength is the only solution you’ll ever need.

REMINDER: As a podcast listener you’re invited to PRE-ENROLMENT for the January 2023 class of Imposter Syndrome Coaching. Places are limited and will fill up quickly. Doors open to everyone (lawyers) on 6th December, but you can enrol TODAY! Click the link to access the pre-enrolment application page now:

Imposter Syndrome Coaching Pre-Enrolment Form

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