Episode #5 The 4 Pillars of Career Progression 

Why do you need to change the way you think about career progression goals?

  1. Many of you HAVE no career progression goals at all.
  • You’re floating along
  • You have no intention or direction
  • Maybe it hasn’t occurred to you that you should.
  1. A lot of you have this idea that career progression is only about getting a promotion.
  1. Some of you do have a career progression goal, but it’s not the right one.
  1. You have a career progression goal, it’s the right one, but the way you’re chasing after that goal is going to make it unsustainable when you get there.

So you’re either

  • underestimating the IMPORTANCE of career progression and/or
  • you’re taking such a narrow a view of it, (I.e. that career progression = promotion) that you are missing out on the VALUE of other forms of career progression.

This means you are denying yourself the opportunity to create the results of:

  • Being in a better place in your career today than you were yesterday
  • Or at the end of this year than you were last year
  • And to have as your future goal: the ambition of being in a better place in your career at the end of 2023 than you are the beginning.

In this episode of Legal Imposters, we cover:

  • Why you should ALWAYS have a career progression goal.
  • Why it’s really important to make sure that your goal is the RIGHT goal.
  • How to choose the right goal by focusing on the 4 Pillars of Career Progression, the concept we teach in Imposter Syndrome Coaching.
  • What the 4 Pillars of Career Progression are and how to use them.

In my Imposter Syndrome Coaching programme, you do a Progression Audit to work out which of the 4 pillars needs the most immediate attention, and we spend 6 months progressing that pillar first.  When you do the work to progress one pillar, this has a knock on effect of progressing the other pillars too.

You can get started RIGHT NOW with identifying your progression goal for the next 6 months. I’m giving you FREE ACCESS to the Progression Audit Form (the exact same one we use when you join in Imposter Syndrome Coaching) to everyone who joins my Waitlist. .

To access your audit now, join the Waitlist. Add your details there, and a link to the Progression Audit will be sent straight to your inbox.

And make a note! Enrolment for Imposter Syndrome Coaching opens on 6th December. So head over to the waitlist and get your Progression Audit. This is your opportunity to be ready for when doors open on enrolment.

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