Episode #4 Unwanted Results

So you think you have Imposter Syndrome. But why does it matter? Why should you care?

Because Imposter Syndrome is impacting your career, more than you realise.

It is often tempting to blame a lack of career progression on external factors; the legal industry, your firm, your boss or the culture. And of course, these all play a role in your experience. But as long as you are only focused on these external factors, the systemic issues, you are:

  • Overlooking your own role in creating the results you’re getting, and
  • Giving away your power or your ability to create different results for yourself.

In episode 4 of Legal Imposters, I explain how the results you are seeing in your career are actually caused by behaviours driven by Imposter Syndrome, and how, as long as you are waiting for external factors to change, you will keep on getting the same outcomes.

This episode covers:

  • What the unwanted results of Imposter Syndrome are.
  • How Imposter Syndrome makes you show up to your job.
  • How to recognise whether this applies to you.

The good news is, once you understand what Imposter Syndrome is and how it is holding you back, you can get started on implementing a solution that will change all of this for you and the results you are getting in your career.

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