Episode #3 The Secret Signs

So you don’t feel like a fraud? You know you work hard and you deserve your success.

But there’s more to Imposter Syndrome than just feeling that you shouldn’t be here.

There’s a long list of secret signs which suggest you could still have Imposter Syndrome and that it’s holding you back in your career. If you’re going to fulfil your potential at work, you need to know what they are.

In episode 3 of Legal Imposters, I reveal these signs – the work behaviours that are stopping you from progressing and which indicate that you might have Imposter Syndrome. I explain what these behaviours have in common, and why they may well stem from Imposter Syndrome.

Once you recognise these behaviours as signs of Imposter Syndrome, it’s great news, because:

  • You have a name for it, you now know what to call these feelings.
  • You’re now in a position to find the solution.
  • You’ve found the process in my Imposter Syndrome Coaching programme that will help you implement that solution.

The next enrolment for Imposter Syndrome Coaching is coming soon. If you’ve identified yourself in any of those behaviours I’ve mentioned in today’s episode, you need to get on the waitlist!

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