Episode #57 Let It Go

The freedom to move around, eat at restaurants, go on holiday, visit your friends and family; the freedom to have someone else educate your kids! These are some of the things we’ve been forced to let go of as a result of lockdown. These are all wonderful things. They are things that serve you and you want to hold onto them because they enhance your life.

But there’s something you’re holding onto that doesn’t serve you. And it’s time to let it go. This week I invite you to think about the stuff you’re holding onto that isn’t serving you – a past relationship, old resentments, impossible standards of perfection, or a limiting belief about your promotion prospects for example. Think about it, and then decide to let it go.

Letting go can be difficult, even painful. It’s easy to think that without these things in your life you’ll be worse off, or somehow you’ll be less than. But the opposite is true. Holding on to things that no longer serve you will keep you stuck in the past and blind you to new possibilities and growth.

While you’re waiting to re-attach to things that uplift and sustain you – a hug from a dear friend, a visit to see family, a long-awaited holiday – now is a great time to consciously let go of the things in your life that have the opposite effect.