Episode #54 What Are You Assuming?

What are you assuming during these uncertain times?

  • That your career has stalled?
  • That your partner is wrong?
  • That the Coronavirus has ruined everything?

We all make assumptions. It’s a highly efficient strategy for navigating our way through the day. But when assumptions are driven by fear or any other emotion, they are often misleading, sometimes entirely wrong and worst of all, they keep you stuck. In this episode I ask you to keep in mind one of the most powerful questions I could ask you: What are you assuming? Behind every challenge or obstacle is an assumption you’re making that’s preventing you from finding a solution. Assumptions like:

  • there’s a right or wrong answer
  • it shouldn’t be this way
  • she did it deliberately
  • he knew it would upset me
  • they don’t value me
  • this is a disaster

When you find yourself stuck, question your assumptions. Go back to the facts. Look at things differently: What if the opposite were true?

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