Episode #53 How To Talk To Yourself

“You are SUCH an idiot! How could you have been so STUPID? What is WRONG with you???”

Most of you wouldn’t dream of talking to someone you loved in such a critical, judgemental undermining way. So why direct this type of judgment and criticism at yourself?

This week I’m discussing self-talk – the words, tone, language and messaging you send to yourself each day. It shows up in many ways – from the random thoughts that crop up in your head in response to an event or circumstance; to the incessant background chatter that plays over in your mind like a Spotify song on repeat.

Your self-talk is extremely powerful. It can either work for you or against you. My message to you this week is that your self-talk is 100% up to you: whether you are your own worst critic or your biggest champion – you get to choose.


  • how self-talk works like the soundtrack to your life
  • the no. 1 mistake you may be making with your own self-talk
  • the self-talk opportunity you are probably overlooking


  • 8 tips to making your self-talk work for you
  • how to apply a zero-tolerance policy to damaging self-talk

Mentioned in this episode:

Brene Brown’s TED Talk on Vulnerability

Great soundtracks:


  • The Greatest Showman
  • The Intouchables

Seriously sinister soundtrack

  • The Outsider

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