Episode #52 Thought Drama

‘Thought drama’ refers to the repetitive, unproductive cycles of thinking that is keeping you stuck.

It’s not thinking that’s the problem. It’s our lack of control or discipline over it. When we don’t have discipline and focus in our thinking, we often end up over dramatising. We shift into negative or distorted thought patterns where we lose clarity and perspective. We overgeneralise, catastrophise and jump to conclusions. We exaggerate, personalise, focus only on the negative.

The problem with thought drama is it keeps us stuck. It’s impossible to achieve clarity and we can’t see a way forward. I’m here to show you how to change that.

In this episode:

  • Why thought drama is a form of procrastination
  • 3 reasons to put a stop to thought drama
  • 5 was to stop the thought drama so you can move forward

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