Episode #34 All Or Nothing Thinking

It’s natural for our brains to generalise and make assumptions about how the world works. That’s so much easier than weighing up every individual fact, comment or experience on its own merits and coming to a new independent conclusion each time. And who can blame us if our brain deliberately seeks out evidence of what we already believe to be true, and tries to ignore the rest?

But does this way of seeing the world serve you?

This week’s podcast is about all or nothing thinking – our tendency to make sweeping generalisations that distort the facts and keep us stuck. When you use words like “always” and “never” and “everyone” and “no one”, you pitch yourself against what your brain sees as the unavoidable nature or natural order of things in a battle that you have no chance of winning. You end up stuck and miss the opportunity to come up with creative ways to resolve the issue or problem.

Notice how your all or nothing thinking is keeping you stuck, and challenge yourself to stop. Find the exception to the rule, judge each situation on it’s merits and then go to work on solving all the issues life throws at you, one problem at a time.