Episode #43 Living Your Why

It’s time to start planning for the New Year. But before you rush into making those New Year’s resolutions, it’s important to do an assessment of your past year – what worked, what didn’t – and use this as a starting point for your New Year plans. This is the only way to ensure you don’t spend 2020 making the same mistakes, missing the same opportunities and stumbling at the same hurdles.

This may sound like a daunting task, but all you need to do is start with what matters: your Why. Your Why are your values – the things that matter most and that you need in your life in order to feel happy and successful and fulfilled. They are the product of your life experiences and are unique to you. This is why Living Your Why is the perfect benchmark for assessing this past year and the only starting point for planning the next. In this episode, I encourage you to reflect on how you’ve been Living Your Why this year and consider what you’ve learned. I do this by sharing my reflections on how I have personally lived mine and how I’m using what I’ve learned to inform my ambitious goals for 2020.

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