Episode #30 Babyproof Your Body with Holly Aldridge

Let’s talk about Babyproofing Your Body! After all, our bodies play a HUGE role in how confident we feel, how healthy we are and how well equipped we are to cope with the challenges of being a working parent. So this week I have an absolute treat for you. Whether you are planning a family and feeling anxious about the impact it will have on your body, or you are already a parent and are still struggling to lose the baby weight, you are going to LOVE this interview with my personal trainer Holly Aldridge. Holly is the owner of Holly Aldridge Personal Trainer who runs a business training people either from their home or outdoors in Hertfordshire.

In this episode, she shares clear no-nonsense advice about preparing your body for pregnancy, weight loss, body image (in young girls as well as women) and the importance of exercise to our mental health. Enjoy!

To learn more about Holly: ha-personaltraining.com/.