Episode #29 Coach Yourself – Part 2

In Coach Yourself Part I, I explained the relationship between your thoughts and the results you are getting in your life. This week I show you how you can use this knowledge to create the life and career you want.

It is not your circumstances that determine your happiness or success, but how you think about those circumstances.

How empowering this is! It means you no longer have to feel like a victim of your circumstances or of how others treat you. You can achieve your goals, solve your problems and resolve any issues purely by changing your thoughts. All you have to do is coach yourself.

Coaching yourself has 2 stages. In stage 1: the Default Model, you shine a light on your current thinking and the result this creates. In stage 2: the Intentional Model, you change your thinking to create a different result. Simple but not easy.

Listen now, to learn how it’s done.

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