Episode #4: Fail again. Fail Better. Why you should give yourself permission to fail this year

Is the fear of failure stopping you from having the life and career you want?

This episode of the Babyproof Your Career podcast is all about failure and why it’s time you gave yourself permission to fail more often. If you see failure as a dead end, it’s time to think again. Your definition of failure, your reaction to failure, and even your decision to call it ‘failure’ in the first place – is a choice. So why not choose the most helpful definition and reaction possible?

In this episode:

  • why I’ve chosen to fail 100 times this year
  • task failure vs identity failure
  • my ego-bruising Sudoku failure
  • a dead end or a course corrector? what is failure to you?
  • how many times are you willing to fail in order to have what you want?