Episode #3: How to build a powerful network

Networking mistakes

When it comes to networking, people (and especially women) make 3 common mistakes:

1. Keeping their head down, focusing only on doing the work
2. Being too busy juggling work and family and being unwilling to give it the time
3. Hating networking, either because it’s boring or because they don’t know how to do it.

Is this you? Are you neglecting to give your network the time it deserves?

Episode 3 of the BYC podcast is a wake up call to all those who are not giving enough time to building their network. If you’re not adding at least one new relationship to your network each month, that wake up call is for you.

In this episode:

– the one by one network building strategy
– find the gold in your existing network
– the 8 key roles every network must fill
– the Challenge Model, and how to use it to grow your network


Nancy Kline on the importance of listening:

The quality of your attention determines the quality of other people’s thinking

– Nancy Kline in “Time to Think”

The Challenge Model

The 5 stages of the Challenge Model can be used to solve any issue and achieve any goal. They are:

  1. Picture – what does achieving this goal look, feel and sound like, and how does it resonate with your values?
  2. Preparation – what do you need to think in order for this picture to become the reality
  3. Plan – what are you going to do to make it happen? What have you tried? What works? What could you do differently? What do the experts say?
  4. Practise – what action will you take repeatedly? what are you prepared to fail at until you get the results you desire?
  5. Persevere – what challenges can you expect? what are the likely setbacks you’ll experience? what will you do when this happens?

The foundation roles of every powerful network:

Every network needs:

  • sponsor
  • mentor
  • coach
  • role model(s)
  • champion
  • ambassador(s)
  • connector
  • biggest fan

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