Episode #43 Creating time for Business Development

Are you constantly remembering that you need to do more business development to build your business case for partnership, but you don’t actually do it?

You know that you need and should be building your business case and meeting new clients.

But you’re so busy doing everything else, that you never find the time.

And so there’s this mounting pressure as the deadline for presenting your business case looms, keeping you on edge because it’s yet another thing you know you should be doing but you’re not getting done.

If you’re all too familiar with this feeling, then I have two words for you:

Designate and delegate.

In the latest episode of The Legal Imposters Podcast, I share how designating one day a week for business development activities and then delegating the administrative task of booking time in the diary with clients will help you:

➡️ Eliminate indecision: By choosing a specific day, you remove the daily decision-making process about when to engage in business development.

➡️ Create routines: Making it a routine part of your schedule helps in building consistency and respect for this dedicated time.

➡️ Increase efficiency: By delegating tasks like scheduling meetings and reaching out to potential clients, you can focus on high-impact activities.

➡️ Streamline processes: Clear instructions to your assistant can help streamline the scheduling and follow-up processes.

Remember: The key is to take action now and stay consistent.

Open your calendar today, choose your business development day, and start delegating tasks. 📅

No more putting it off—now is the time.

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