Episode #42 Working Twice As Hard

Think you have to work twice as hard as your white colleagues, to level the playing field and progress your career?

This thought leaves you frustrated and resentful and puts you in the dangerous territory of overworking – doing more work that adds less value.

Progressing your career isn’t about how hard you work, it’s about the value you add.

So instead of working twice as hard, add twice the value.

Adding value will transform your work practices and make you more focused, proactive, and impactful.

Which means progressing your career will be easier.

And you’ll build your confidence much faster.

Tune into the latest episode of The Legal Imposters Podcast to learn:

👉🏾The emotional toll of striving to work twice as hard.

👉🏾How adding value will make you feel less resentful and frustrated and more in control.

👉🏾What you need to believe to add twice the value

👉🏾The confidence that comes from knowing you are valuable.

Don’t work twice as hard. Add twice the value.

Happy listening!

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