Episode #27 How To Say No

How do you say no to a client without sabotaging your career? Or to a loved one without damaging the relationship?

Whether you’re planning a family or already a working parent, saying no is one of the most important tools in your Balance Toolkit. The demands and requests others make or expect of you will far exceed your capacity to fulfil them. If you can’t say no, you risk overwhelm, stress, exhaustion and even your mental health.

But you already know this. You know you need to say no if you want to set better boundaries. The question is, how do you actually do it? How do you say no without fear of sabotaging your career or harming your relationships?

If you can relate to the above, you’re not alone. So many of my clients know they need to set clearer boundaries, but they’re held back by negative beliefs about saying no and a fear of the consequences. That’s why I dedicate a whole month to the topic of Boundaries in the Babyproof Career Coaching Programme, and I share very practical advice on how to say no without sabotaging your career or relationships.

This week I’m excited to share this practical advice with you, including these different types of no you can use to set better boundaries at work and at home:

  • The Unconditional No
  • The Compassionate No
  • The Helpful No
  • The Concrete No
  • The Non-negotiable No

The most important message for you to take away is that saying no is not the issue. The issue is how you say it, and what you make it mean.

Tune in now for powerful practical advice on how to say no.

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