Episode #26 Managing Expectations

This week’s episode is all about managing expectations. Unlike setting boundaries which is about saying no (Episode 25), managing expectations is about saying yes, but on your terms.

Managing expectations is important because there are more demands on your time than you have time available, and if you want to say yes to some of those demands without jeopardising your work-life balance, you need to ensure that yes works for you, too.

Saying yes in a way that works for you is what I call giving a ‘conditional yes’ and it’s the tool I want to share with you in this episode. Use this tool to:

  • Tell others ahead of time what they can expect from you to avoid disappointment or confusion or problems in the future.
  • Bridge the gap between other people’s expectations and your priorities, capacity or capability
  • Apply conditions to your acceptance that are going to make it easier for you to deliver.

Saying yes unconditionally means you’ll never be in control of your time and instead will always be at the mercy of someone else’s agenda. Making your yes conditional, on the other hand, gives you the freedom to deliver value and honour your commitments while staying true to values like balance, order and trust.

For specific examples of the conditional yes and to learn how to use it, tune in to this week’s episode.

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