Credit Where Credit is Due

You must take credit for your work.

Every compliment. Every word of praise. Every piece of positive feedback. Every tiny step you take towards being a better lawyer today than you were yesterday.

Recognise it. Celebrate it all. Take every ounce of credit from it and make it who you are.

One of the common mistakes I see you making is undermining your progress. Or worse still, not even registering you’ve progressed at all.

You delegate to a junior when previously you did it all yourself – and you think it’s no big deal.

You stick to a new boundary around checking your phone at mealtimes – and you barely acknowledge the breakthrough.

You get nominated for an award or mentioned in an article – and you tell no one.

A client or partner comments on how well you performed on a recent deal – and instead of saying thank you, yes, it was great to make such a valuable contribution, you respond with how easy the conditions were, how flexible the client and how cooperative the other side.

Deflecting compliments. Negating praise. Attributing your success to other people or luck. Claiming you can’t take credit for the way you’ve improved because you’re still a work in progress.

This is self-sabotage and it’s holding you back.

It’s the reason that no matter how much you achieve, your confidence never grows.

It doesn’t have to be like this. You can start growing your confidence the minute you finish reading this email, by thinking of something positive you did today and taking credit for it.

You must expect your Imposter Syndrome to resist this. It will warn you against being big headed, getting complacent and being “one of those people”. Nothing has gone wrong. Remember Imposter Syndrome is not a problem. It’s just your brain’s way of searching for safety. You can take it from here.

Pat yourself on the back. High 5 yourself in the lift. Wink at yourself in the mirror. Tell yourself you’re great at what you do. Yes, I am being serious.

Say thank you to compliments.

Smile contentedly at praise.

Take a moment to genuinely experience the feeling of accomplishment in your body after every success, big and small.

Do this and that success becomes part of you. Your accomplishments start shaping you and your confidence and your self-concept will start to grow.

Happy Friday,

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